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fromthesunoils | packaging design

fromthesun carries a line of cold pressed oils with health properties and medicinal benefits for use in preparing food. In order to capture the health mission and vision of the company, we started by creating a logo design that matched its brand values. The image mark in the logo is a literal interpretation of oil dripping "from the sun" and this theme was also carried through the from choice, where the 'f' and 't' are extended as descenders past the baseline of the text, so they look to be dripping as well.


In order to attract a person’s eye in a store amongst a shelf of hundreds of oils, the labels were designed for a high-end feel. The logo design was carried throughout the product line, with the oil dripping from the sun and color matched to the plant from which the oil is extracted. The labels are designed as part of a series, encouraging someone to purchase the entire line and display them in their kitchen.


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