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OBELLA | wearable & mobile app design

The obella be women’s health companion is created to measure a pregnant mom’s vital stats via a wearable device, then record and log this information over time to give her a better understanding of her health and her baby’s health. The design of the brand’s logo and concept is fluid, with the “b” of the logo mark carried into the actual shape of the companion’s interface, mimicking the look of a pregnant mom’s belly - creating a more empathetic relationship between technology and the mom user.


The logo and product design were carried through to obella be’s mobile app design, where users are informed about the status of their health vitals through intuitive UI design, but also soothed through the color story and reassured of the brand’s caring nature and mission.


Obella's logo, product concept, and app design came full circle for its presentation in the company's website. The ideas behind the mission and vision of obella were aided with the visuals inspiring a mother's journey through pregnancy and obella's part in that process. Key visuals about a mother's experience are woven throughout the page, along with the obella wearable band photoshopped on the women, reinforcing the message of obella being with them every step of the way.


Obella raised funds to kick off seed funding through Kickstarter. The video featured both the hardware and software prototypes, and was produced and directed by LRD. Videography and editing by MVA (Motion Visual Artistry).


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