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LRD uses a 5-step design engineering process to successfully bring your products to life:


Learn about the users for whom you are designing through anthropological research


Decide key features and functions of your product based on user needs and insights


Ideate unique solutions which address the product's function, form, and fit


Narrow down design and build a representation to demonstrate your product idea


Test product solution with your user base and receive ideas for feedback and improvement


We create inspiring human-centered product designs because we believe if people have the best products that simply work, they spend less time on the learning curve of understanding it, and have more time to actually enjoy the product improving their lives.


LRD envisions a world where everything is connected by the means of design, making it accessible to everyone. We will accomplish this by helping businesses develop their hardware and software products to support their users’ everyday lives.


Luana Ramcharran is a Product Design Engineer based in Houston, Texas, and the founder of Luana Ram Design, LLC (also known as LRD).


As one of the first Product Design Engineers in the Greater Houston area, Luana’s distinctive background has demonstrated success in product designs for medical devices, household goods, beauty products, consumer electronics, as well as graphic user interfaces in web and mobile applications.


Her focused approach on user-centered design during the creation process of products takes people and culture into consideration first in order to implement designs. The results are everyday products that users can connect with on an emotional level.


She enjoys working with entrepreneurs, startups, and companies who have challenging concepts, which she can then help turn into reality.


Luana Ram Design, LLC (LRD)


Based in Houston, TX

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